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Winter Driving Course

A car is just a tool which responds directly to the input of the operator. Winter driving can bring testing conditions for all drivers, whether it’s gently falling snow, lashing rain or icy roads. Driving during such weather is a combination of art and science. The fastest way to master the challenge is with good coaching, practice and dedication. With our winter driving course we teach you unique techniques to deal with unique driving conditions and give you more confidence this winter. This course arms you with the secrets to prepare for winter driving and how to read road conditions.

Teen Drivers

Drivers education is a big step in every teen’s life and Drive2Pass is the best choice for putting your student on the right track to safety and success. Our instructor’s with their Knowledge and experience prepares teens for the great responsibility that comes with obtaining a driver’s licence. Drive2Pass offers a variety of teen drivers education programs. Choosing the right one is an important decision and we know you’ll find these classes to be the best value and highest quality training.

Defensive Driving

Drivers who attend a defensive driving course are required to be there because of a traffic infraction or to reduce insurance costs. Even though you may have to be there, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Drive2Pass is a clear choice for drivers who need defensive driving certification but don’t want to feel like they have been sent to jail for the day, and who knows, you might actually learn something too!

Adult Drivers

These programs are for adult drivers who would like to improve your driving skills or has never had the opportunity to learn to drive. Perhaps you are new to this country or have incurred violations or accidents that have eroded your confidence. Drive2Pass Driving School and it’s group of instructors are the perfect solution to prepare you to drive or improve your driving skills.

Nervous Drivers

Someone who is nervous of something well never overcome what he or she is nervous about until they have tried to push a little by little until you have surpassed your fear. Just like when someone learns to swim, you do not just throw she or he in the pool to see what they can do, rather you first teach to move their arms and then legs and than both together making it simple to move through the flow of water. The same can go for driving. Our trained instructors has been teaching students and adults for several years and learning multiple ways to teach the best ways to all our future drivers, making it possible to drive anywhere at anytime with the flow of traffic